Friday, April 19, 2013


Pardon my french, but this is some of the coolest sh_t I have ever seen.  Literally!  Brooklyn based artist Will Kurtz opened his second solo show, respectfully titled, "Another Shit Show" at the Mike Weiss Gallery in NY in late March with another showing on April 27th.  The exhibition features life like dog sculptures using a mix of old newspapers, wire, wood, glue, and tape as the medium.  It's amazing how Kurtz blends exposed newspaper filled with vibrant colors to bring out the playful features in each sculptural work of artThe installations are perfectly scaled making you feel as if it has come to life.  

Enjoy photos from the artist's collective shows.  Want to see more?  Visit the Mike Weiss Gallery for a complete viewing.

Enjoy the Show!

-Click here for more ==> Mike Weiss Gallery

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