Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Viktoria Richards Chocolates

Life is like a box of chocolates...you never know what'cha gonna get.  Well, not when it comes to Viktoria Richards Chocolates at least.  You know that you are going to get a deliciously unique batch of handmade artisan chocolates made with lots of love and care each and every time!  


If you are wondering who "Viktoria Richards" is, well...here's the scoop. She doesn't exist.  The company's name was the inspiration of chocolatier Victoria Boyko, who wanted to create a line of chocolates with customers in mind. Hence, the name "Viktoria Richard's represents a fictional person of who she thinks her customers are.  

So, after devouring a whole box of chocolates, I don't feel so guilty, because I am eating something that was made for me.  Was that a good excuse?  Okay, the chocolates are so darn good, I couldn't help myself!

I must admit, after my first sampling of Viktoria Richards Chocolates, I was hooked!  I had to make a personal trip to visit their location in New Port Richey, FL to re-stock. 

Upon my arrival, I was greeted with the sweet smell of chocolate and a delightful scene. 

The shop was beautifully decorated, not surprising, in the company's signature red and pink.  Felt like valentines day all over again. 

Various flavors of gourmet chocolates, such as Morello Cherry Caramel, Pinneapple Chipolte, and Lemon Vodka, just to name a few, were carefully guarded displayed in modern glass cases like precious gems.  

As customer's walked in, they talked about their weekly visit to Victoria Richards Chocolates to feed the crave.  In some cases, due to popularity, flavors were sold out. Don't believe me?  See below as my evidence.

Are you drooling at the screen yet?  Well, wait no more you can purchase Viktoria Richards Chocolates online or at select locations throughout the Tampa area.  

Want to sample flavors before you buy?  We are pleased to announce that Viktoria Richards Chocolates will be joining The HOAJ and a host of other vendors for the premiere launch of TWIN Collections SS14 on Sept. 27th at The Vault located in Downtown Tampa.  The company will be serving up samples of their delicious works of art and I'm sure they will gain plenty of lifelong fans. 

Hope to see you there!  

Find info here.

Indulge in the moment!

Live & Love,


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-Visit: TWINCOLLECTIONS.COM for event info

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